We don't just offer services, we offer solutions.

Skorka Data Solutions is a technology service provider specializing in Surveillance/Camera, Audio/Visual, Network and Point-of-Sale Systems.


Point of Sales Systems

We work very hard to ensure you get the perfect point of sale system to meet all of your needs, while making sure you have the optimal network/WiFi to meet every demand your business may have. We can also integrate your cameras with most Point of Sale systems to give you easy viewing of your cash drawer every time it is opened. 


Audio/Visual Systems

Beautiful, full sounding audio customized for your home or business with visual systems equally beautiful, customized to your exact needs whether it be a menu, your services or the big game anywhere inside or outside of your home.


Wiring & Networking

Professionally run network lines throughout your business or home taking the effort and attention to detail necessary to avoid anything that can interfere with the speed of your network ensuring you have the fastest internet possible.

We can properly run and terminate all forms of cable from Ethernet (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a) Coax, Fiber Optics, Audio (speaker wires), Video (HDMI etc.) Telephone, etc. Avoiding all possible threats of any interference so all of your wired systems can perform at it's best. We also will not leave the site until every wire is tested and working.


Pro Sound, Lighting & Projection

With experience in many various Churches, Schools and Theaters we can properly install and maintain a sound, lighting and projection system custom to any venue with only the best quality and priced products no matter how big or small your budget may be. We also can repair any existing equipment you may have. *We offer special pricing for Churches and Schools and Non-Profits*


Surveillance/Camera Systems

Crisp and clear images perfectly positioned cameras to view every angle of your property or business from anywhere in the world. We also can give you great camera installation to allow your School, Church, Theater, etc. live streaming capabilities on Facebook, Youtube and other live streaming sites. 


Office Technologies

Every piece of technology needed for your Conference Room or Office that will allow you to do everything from displaying presentations to live video conference calls.


Home Automation

Home Automation gives you full control of your security systems, thermostat and fire alarms. We can program everything to your personal needs and you can control everything even of you're not home.


Home & Business Security Consulting

We will walk through your Home or Business with you and show you where your security might be lacking and how it can be fixed.


Access Control

Have total control of who and when people can gain access of your building or certain rooms with the installation of Access Control lock systems.